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Bear Mountain CorpORATE Office

Victoria, BC

AME used a water source heat pump loop to provide the heat and air conditioning for the buildings. The central loop was used for heat rejection from the water-cooled coolers within the grocery store. Water-to-water heat pumps provide either heating or chilled water to the two ventilation make-up-air units. The design is flexible enough to allow the spaces to either use water-to air-heat pumps or radiant heating/cooling for the office floors. AME worked with the architect to analyze the building envelope in order to achieve less than 25 btu/hr/ft2 cooling requirements. With this level we were able to allow the tenant to pick either ceiling radiant panels or heat pumps. CO2 monitors were used for the grocery store ventilation design, which controlled the speed of the ventilation fan to achieve minimum ventilation. The upper office spaces utilize occupancy control strategies with motorized dampers and pressure sensors to control ventilation to the spaces.
Architect: Merrick Architecture
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