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Nisga'a Museum and Cultural Centre

greenville, BC

The Nisga’a Lisims Nation commissioned the design and construction of a 10,000 sq.ft. Museum and Cultural Centre. In addition to the museum floor, the new centre includes a small retail area and multi-purpose meeting spaces. The facility and associated mechanical systems have been designed to withstand the environmental conditions of the area including significant snow accumulation and frequent power interruptions. A back-up power generator was designed by AME to ensure the facility can remain open and accessible. In utilizing packaged heat pump units, AME's design consumes less power and heats the museum evenly, economically and with greater efficiency. Low-flow plumbing in the facility saves additional revenue on utility costs and high efficiency electric water heaters ensure energy consumption will be much lower compared to using natural gas. For fire safety, adequate water pressure is maintained via a fire pump assembly implemented to boost sprinkler line pressure. Since humidity is also a major factor for the Museum and its artefacts, AME designed a space humidification control system that provides appropriate ventilation to the air-conditioned space and effectively acclimatizes during seasonal changes in temperature and air quality.

Architect: Hillel Architecture

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