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Surrey sport & leisure complex 

surrey, BC

The Surrey Sport & Leisure Centre offers a wide range of activities including swimming, skating, fitness, events, and social opportunities. This facility provided an ideal situation for incorporating energy re-use methodologies for the swimming pools and ice arena.
Ice Arena: Energy efficiency is a financial necessity when maintaining uniform indoor conditions for large indoor recreational facilities such as Surrey Sport & Leisure Centre. AME Group designed an ice arena heat recovery system that captures waste heat from arenas and utilizes it to pre-heat the domestic cold water, which is the make-up water for domestic hot water tanks at the next door swimming pools. 
Swimming Pool: AME’s heat recovery project reduces overall energy consumption from the swimming pool by recovering the waste heat from ventilating air, while installing dehumidification systems can reduce the amount of ventilation needed. Utility costs can be reduced by turndown building temperatures when the facility is not in use. Installing a medium pressure UV reactor as secondary treatment on all the pools’ filtration and treatment systems eliminates chloramines and other contaminants, allowing operators to use less free chlorine, further reducing the amount of chloramines in the pool hall. 
The existing 83% efficiency boilers have been replaced with 96% high efficiency condensing boilers, which will provide the second state of building heat.

Client: City of Surrey
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