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AME Has A Building Performance Team

Jul 12, 2023 | News


Optimize Your Next Project with AME’s In-House Building Performance Team

Building a new property is a significant investment and everyone involved wants to make sure that investment is made carefully. At AME Group, we understand the importance of Building Performance in this process, and we have a team dedicated to this aspect of design and construction.  

By using whole building energy modelling, we can achieve and even exceed project goals for energy consumption, occupant comfort, operating cost, and capital cost. In this blog post, we’ll discuss what AME Group’s Building Performance Team does and why you need them for your next project. 


What is Building Performance? And What is the Role of the Building Performance Team?

Energy modelling looks at the whole building’s performance as it relates to energy consumption, GHG emissions, and operational energy costs. It’s a tool that allows teams to understand the impact of choices and optimize building designs to reduce energy consumption, operational costs, and environmental impacts. 

At AME Group, our Building Performance Team create whole building simulations to represent the various building options, conditions, and factors, allowing us to analyze the overall energy use of a proposed design. We help project teams understand applicable energy targets, identify opportunities, and provide input developing cost-effective designs. 


Why do You Need AME Group’s Building Performance Team?

There are several reasons why you might need AME’s input for your next project:

  • Complying with local codes, such as, NECB, ASHRAE 90.1, or BC’s Step Code
  • Receive incentive grant funding, including CleanBC or FortisBC
  • To achieve a GREEN building certification, like LEED or Zero Carbon Building (ZCB)
  • Having a (thermally) comfortable building
  • Building a project that is optimized for tomorrow’s future.


When Should You Start Consulting the Building Performance Team?

It’s essential to start consulting the Building Performance Team AS EARLY AS POSSIBLE, although these services can be provided in all design phases. Starting early allows us to make informed decisions about materials, design, and overall building performance, which can save time and money.


That’s All, But Certainly Not The End

Building performance is a critical aspect of any project, and AME Group’s Building Performance Team can help optimize your building for energy consumption, operational costs, and environmental impacts. By consulting with our team early, the project can be kept on track to comply with local codes, receive incentives, and achieve certifications that make the property valuable and sustainable.


So, if you’re planning a new construction project with sustainability and energy efficiency in mind, consider consulting AME Group’s Building Performance Team. We think you will be glad you did!

If you would like to get in touch with our Building Performance Team, please reach out to Marc or Brett!