AME was awarded the ASHRAE 2011 Technology Award for the Meadow Park Sports Centre retrofit. Working with Shape Architecture for the Resort Municipality of Whistler, the project called for a high degree of sustainable design. AME designed a unique solar hot water system and closed loop vertical groundsource heating system which is almost 10 times less expensive than the original boiler plant with resulting CO2 emissions 38 times lower. AME was pleased to be part of this team to assist Whistler with the goal of becoming the first carbon neutral community in Canada by 2012.

The Cowichan Aquatic Centre in Duncan, BC has won the 2011 ASHRAE Technology Award for a new public assembly building. Mechanical innovation was required to develop and optimize HVAC design to address the pool water evaporation, volume, heating, and humidity. AME also recommended and designed a hybrid system consisting of an air thermal heat pump, water to water heat pumps and a small back up boiler. This hybrid approach proved to be considerably less expensive while providing the equivalent efficiency as a geothermal system. After hosting the 2008 World Indigenous Games, this 44,500 sq ft aquatic facility remains one of the most energy efficient aquatic facilities in BC.