AME Values: Connection. Dedication. Trust.
AME’S Culture: Building a Lasting Legacy

Aug 01, 2023 | News

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Our Values in Action

Welcome to a glimpse inside AME’s culture — a company built on Connection, Dedication, and Trust.  Those aren’t just our values, but the foundation we Build Legacy from.

We’re committed to creating a positive and inclusive environment that encourages collaboration, nurtures talent, and promotes social responsibility.  Our ethos extends well beyond our office walls, impacting and improving our client relations, our industry involvement, and the communities we work within.

Join us as we delve into how we’re Building Legacy through our unique AME culture.


Ena, Lijana, and Sara reviewing drawings.
Kennedy Rolston, first recipient of the busary in 2022, with Kear Porttris of Porttris Consulting and Rob Walter of AME.
Kennedy Rolston, first recipient of the busary in 2022, with Kear Porttris of Porttris Consulting and Rob Walter of AME.
Kennedy Rolston, first recipient of the busary in 2022, with Kear Porttris of Porttris Consulting and Rob Walter of AME.


At AME, we wholeheartedly embrace the value of Connection, recognizing its role as an integral component of our motto, Building Legacy.  We view connection not merely as an internal principle, but as an outward-reaching tenet that imbues our interactions with the clients and communities we serve.

Internally, our culture promotes a vibrant camaraderie, allowing teams to work seamlessly together, fostering a culture of knowledge sharing, expertise exchange, and resource utilization despite having offices across Western Canada.  We promote internal connection through team events like Calgary’s escape room above, or volleyball tournaments with other companies in Vancouver, tree planting in Edmonton, or going to the Board Game Cafe in Victoria.

Externally, we strive to understand the unique needs for each of our projects, which enables us to provide tailored, innovative solutions.  We aspire to build sustainable contributions to the communities we work, live, and play in: from office to residential buildings, hospitals to education, and libraries to community recreation centres. 

Furthermore, we extend our connection to the communities we serve. The ḴEL,ḴELOŦEN ȻE S,ISTEW̱ Education Fund is a shining example of this commitment.  This initiative underlines our dedication to creating strong, enduring connections with the Indigenous community, as we contribute to their educational empowerment and nurture future engineers and architects. Through this education fund, along with our co-op work terms, we connect with the future of this industry.



At AME, Dedication is not just a buzzword, but a deeply ingrained principle.  This dedication extends to our projects, clients, and colleagues — a triad of commitment that underscores our pursuit of Building Legacy.

When it comes to our projects, our teams work relentlessly, employing their expertise and creativity to deliver designs that are not only visually impressive (you won’t even see our HVAC systems if you don’t want to) but also sustainable and highly functional.  We utilize the latest technology, such as 3D scanning and BIM/Revit for clash detection, and have a dedicated Technology and Quality Control team ensuring our practices are at the leading edge. 

Our client-centric approach allows us to forge deep, lasting relationships with our clients, that see them returning to us again and again for engineering excellence.

 Moreover, our dedication extends to our colleagues.  We recognize that our success is grounded in the talents, passion, and hard work of our team.  Therefore, we are committed to creating a nurturing and supportive environment that promotes professional growth and personal well-being.  This is evident in our comprehensive on-boarding programs, continuing education allocation, and company-wide monthly Awareness Seminars.

Mike, who's been with AME for 17 years, getting his P.L.Eng.! July 2023
Edmonton office Giving Back by planting trees, May 2023


Trust is a cornerstone of our culture at AME, vital in our commitment to Building Legacy.  It permeates all aspects of our operations, fostering a sense of reliability that defines our interactions with clients, our work ethic, and our internal relationships. 

Our commitment to trust is exemplified in our approach to client relationships.  We strive for transparency, keeping clients involved and informed every step of the way.  This open dialogue fosters a sense of trust and partnership with our clients, positioning us as dependable allies in their ventures. 

The same level of trust is evident in our work processes.  We adhere to a strong code of ethics, focusing on doing what’s right rather than what’s easiest. This involves making responsible decisions, even when they’re challenging, and maintaining the highest standards of quality, safety, and sustainability in our projects.  We happily share our knowledge with clients and owners, taking the time to explain why certain decisions and options are best.

Internally, this sense of trust manifests in the relationships we share with our team members.  This trust-based environment allows for open discussions, innovative problem-solving, and a sense of collective responsibility, which are our guiding principles.  This trust and transparency led us to recently get our Just Label, a “nutritional label” for companies concerned with socially just policies, check out our blog here to read more.

Trust anchors our legacy, fostering a sense of integrity in everything we do.  We build trust in our relationships with clients through transparency and partnership, uphold the highest ethical standards in our work, and foster a culture where everyone feels valued and trustedTrust is the mortar that holds our legacy together, ensuring it withstands the test of time.

Building Legacy is more than a mission; it’s our commitment to leave an enduring mark on our industry, clients, colleagues, and communities.  This legacy is fueled by the power of connection, the strength of dedication, and the foundation of trust