Congratulations Kevin Shea, P.Eng., CPHD, LEED Green Associate on becoming a Certified Passive House Designer (CPHD)

Passive House (aka Passiv Haus) is a German-based energy performance standard aimed at designing buildings that are extremely thermally energy efficient and therefore require very little heating energy to maintain comfortable conditions. The Passive House concept is the only internationally recognized performance-based standard in construction, with buildings designed such that the vast majority of heating needs are met by the normal heat generated inside a building from people, lighting, and electrical devices, as well as passive solar heating from well-placed windows. Originally designed for single family homes, the concept is becoming increasingly popular around the world and has been successfully applied to larger buildings, even high-rise offices.

With his CPHD certification, Kevin joins a relatively small group of professionals certified to design buildings within this program. Visit the passive house website to learn more.