The Province of British Columbia has announced the implementation of BC Codes 2024. See the full notice on their Website Here: BC Codes 2024.

One of the biggest changes in the BC Building Code 2024 that is sure to impact the housing market is the requirement for mechanical cooling in residential units. Projects being issued for building permit in March 2024 will be subject to the new requirement in the BCBC that states: “At the outside summer design temperature, required cooling facilities shall be capable of maintaining an indoor air temperature of not more than 26°C in at least one living space in each dwelling unit.

The trend over the last few years has been towards mechanical cooling in residential units regardless. Most of the projects we are designing have central airsource heatpumps that provide heating and cooling to fancoils in units, distributed heatpumps, or variable refrigerant flow (VRF) systems. For projects where there is financial pressure, however, these new requirements will have a significant impact.

We have seen some projects in the last few years opt for PTACs instead to help reduce mechanical capital cost as well as ongoing maintenance. Good thing our teams are creative and love talking through different system options – we are already seeing an increase in demand for presentations on different mechanical system options!


BC Codes 2024 take effect MARCH 8, 2024, except for adaptable dwellings and earthquake changes which take effect March 10, 2025.