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AME Has A Building Energy Services Team

Sep 08, 2023 | News

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As we move towards a sustainable future, it has become imperative for businesses and organizations to evaluate their energy consumption and reduce their carbon footprint. One of the ways to achieve this is by improving the energy performance of existing buildings. AME recognizes this need and has established a Building Energy Services Team (BEST) that is dedicated to providing solutions for energy efficiency improvements and greenhouse gas (GHG) reductions in buildings. In this blog post, we will discuss what Building Energy Services is and how BEST helps achieve sustainable energy goals.

What is Building Energy Services

Building Energy Services focuses on evaluating the energy performance of existing buildings and retrofitting mechanical equipment to improve their energy efficiency and reduce or eliminate on-site GHG emissions. The primary objective of BEST is to reduce carbon emissions, decrease utility costs, and increase the reliability of mechanical systems. BEST specializes in maximizing Return on Investment (ROI) for clients by obtaining funding through incentive programs and identifying building-specific solutions for a reduction in energy usage.

Our team believes in the concept of “grave to cradle.” This approach considers the full-life cycle of a building, including its construction, operation, and end-of-life. By applying this approach, BEST can implement solutions, such as energy-efficient or zero-carbon heating and cooling systems and the use of renewable energy sources. This approach ensures that the building’s environmental impact is minimized and sustainable practices are maintained throughout the building’s life cycle.

BEST Services

BEST designs and implements energy conservation measures (ECMs) that are tailored to each client’s specific needs and building. We offer a range of services and our projects vary in scope, but we always begin with the client’s goals and develop a clear pathway to achieve them. Some of our services include:

Building Condition Assessments (BCAs) is where we review the current state of the mechanical systems in a building.

Then there are Energy Audits where we review the current performance of mechanical systems. This is done by reviewing the existing mechanical system on-site, reviewing utility bills and other energy meters that may be on a BMS, and providing analysis and energy calculations to provide recommended ECMs.

We also review building mechanical systems and complete End-of-Life Mechanical Systems Upgrades where we replace a piece of equipment that is past its service life with a upgraded, modern piece of equipment, with emphasis on improving energy efficiency, reducing GHG emissions or simplifying day-to-day operations.

Our Deep Energy Retrofit projects look further than just mechanical system upgrades and looks at a substantial renovation to maximize energy efficiency and minimize GHG emissions while improving the overall occupant experience. A deep energy retrofit will look at building envelope enhancements, lighting upgrades as well as the potential for on-site renewable energy sources.

Another service we offer is GHG Reduction Pathways and Low-Carbon Transition Planning. By identifying and reducing a building’s GHG emissions, we create a roadmap for clients to achieve their sustainability goals.

We also offer Measurement & Verification Services to ensure that the savings identified in an energy audit or retrofit project are achieved. This process is critical as it guarantees the client is achieving the expected results while also identifying operations and maintenance measures that can be re-evaluated.

Finally, the BEST collaborates with the Commissioning services team to offer an Energy Commissioning service. This service pairs re- or retro-commissioning efforts with an analysis of the impacts on the building’s energy efficiency and operational costs. When clients are looking for a retro-commissioning partner to optimize previously installed equipment, we can provide a solution-driven turnkey result.


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Our Building Energy Services Team is led by Principal Mike Kasuya, who has brought his passion for innovative and sustainable solutions to clients since 2007, when he started as one of our first employees.

Associates Scott Stewart and Charles Lankester bring expertise in energy analysis and building design for optimal performance.

Project Manager Ryan Antonsen ensures seamless coordination and timely execution.

Building Energy Specialists Umer Mian, Prem Karadia, and Jarvis Xiao infuse creativity into energy-efficient projects.

Taking care of the coordination side of projects is Linh Thuy, whose meticulous attention to detail and exceptional multitasking abilities make her an invaluable asset in managing the team’s projects smoothly and effectively.

Together, our BEST create environmentally conscious buildings that meet clients’ needs and contribute to a greener future. With our team’s expertise and passion, we lead the way in sustainable building design.


Why Pick Our BEST?

The AME Building Energy Services team connects clients with the best sustainable energy solutions for their project. Building energy performance is an essential part of reducing carbon emissions, decreasing utility costs, and ensuring the sustainability of commercial buildings. Our Building Energy Services Team focuses on grave-to-cradle sustainability, identifying custom solutions, and maximizing ROI for clients by obtaining funding through incentive programs.

Contact AME today to learn how AME’s BEST can help you implement energy-efficient solutions in your building. Embrace sustainability and join AME in making a positive impact on the environment today!