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Dean Davidson Joins AME to Lead New Commissioning Team

Apr 29, 2019 | Celebrations

We are thrilled to welcome Dean Davidson, formerly of Airmec Systems, to AME. Dean joins AME as a Principal and will lead our brand new Commissioning Team.
Having worked closely with Dean in the past and completed many joint commissioning/mechanical projects; AME is excited to have a team dedicated solely to Commissioning. Dean brings with him over 28 years of commissioning experience, 12 of those years were spent as owner of Airmec where he was responsible for all aspects of the commissioning business.

Dean has been charged with training commissioning and engineering staff with the skills required to commission equipment, controls, and systems to optimize operation in accordance with the design intent and the customer’s requirements. Dean’s role with AME is hands-on acting as the Commissioning Agent on many projects.

Commissioning Spotlight:

Dean, why commissioning?
My Father, Earl Davidson alongside Richard Clarke, pioneered the commissioning industry in British Columbia incorporating Airmec Systems in 1987. Their vision was to be a partner in a team that would help ensure the operating success of the building. They were successful by providing feedback during design, through construction, and then to operators; ensuring the final products function to the design intent throughout the life span of the equipment.

I joined forces with Airmec Systems in 1991 working closely with Richard. Richard had established himself as the onsite, hands-on commissioning guru which turned out pivotal for my learning and future career path. My love of commissioning is rooted in the variety that the commissioning industry provides. Each project comes with it a new group of people to collaborate with, new machines to explore and evolving control systems. I have become a trusted advisor in the industry over these past 25 years.

Why did you partner with AME?

I’m passionate about providing quality client services through face to face interaction, good communication and being present. I saw these same core values in AME and I felt this was a great match to continue building a legacy; by passing on the pure art of commissioning to future generations.
I also wanted to help pass along my knowledge and experiences to designers. One of my goals is to bring some onsite perspective to the designers at AME and to help grow their knowledge base. In the first few weeks at AME, I have already had some great questions and discussions!

Can you tell us what the difference between Commissioning Authority vs. Commissioning Agent?

Commissioning Authority – Responsible for the delivery of the commissioning process by managing all disciplines and acts as an auditor to the commissioning agents. The Authority should be engaged during the Design phase of the project.

Commissioning Agent– Spends the most time on site doing regular reviews from the start of the project through training operating personnel. The Agent becomes involved with the project during the construction phase.

Our Commissioning Moto: “We didn’t design it, we didn’t build it, and we didn’t install it, but we’ll do our best to make it work”

If you would like to learn more; please feel free to reach out to one of our offices!