Nick Fletcher

“To me, AME has always meant family. As long as I’ve worked here and as much as we’ve grown, the family feeling has never dissipated”

Sara Ecem Cerrah

“My first year at AME was both busy and fun. I learned a lot, discovered a lot of my strengths, and enjoyed every bit of it.I feel privileged that my mentors dedicated extra time to focus on passing me not only their technical5 knowledge but also very...

Zack Plettl

“Having the opportunity to work at AME has been a breath of fresh air. Every single person has made me feel welcome and it is amazing the difference that can be felt when you are part of a team that truly cares 5 about your well-being and...

Mike Kasuya

“During my time here, we’ve seen a crash in the market and now a worldwide pandemic and through both AME has come out stronger than before and I couldn’t be happier to be a part of the AME legacy”