Tyler Kadutski

“What makes AME so special is the inclusivity and kindness among the teams. I have been part of a few different teams since working at AME, as well as being supported by many more, and I have been welcomed with open arms by all of them.”

Joe Chirico

“Since early 2000, Rob Walter and the AME team have been working closely with the Regional District of Central Kootenay in an effort to reduce our carbon footprint from energy studies to new construction work. It has been a great pleasure to work with the AME team and...

Roger Hernandez

“The University of Calgary have been using AME’s mechanical services for several years now. AME have been very consistent in quality and have maintained or exceeded delivery schedules. They are prompt to responding to our requests during time-crushing...

Evan Poon

“Kyle Keep and AME group are a pleasure to work with. They have provided the Edmonton Police Service with excellent technical consultation on difficult and highly specialized projects. Kyle has also provided a level of customer above and beyond my expectations on our...

Louise McKenzie

“I had no idea when I walked into our original office what AME would become I am incredibly proud to have been on this journey and be a part of the AME family and legacy.”