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Energy Usage Study


From 2003-2009, the BC Recreation and Parks Association conducted the Facilities Assessment Study of the province’s recreation portfolio.
The study found that BC’s recreation facilities are rapidly aging, with more than 68% of indoor facilities being 25 years or older. As part of this study, contributing facilities were evaluated from stage 1-5, depending on the age and condition of the building.
Typically, as a facility’s life-cycle stage advances, operational costs and the need for significant capital upgrades increases dramatically, while energy efficiency and functionality decline.
The total estimated replacement cost for all indoor pools, arenas, and curling rinks in the province is over $6 Billion. The Facilities Assessment Study highlighted the need for effective strategies to replace the aging portfolio.
Utilizing a generous grant from the BC Innovation Council, and working in collaboration with the University of Victoria Engineering Co-op program, the AME Consulting Group is conducting the BC Recreation Facilities Energy Usage Study.
This study, to be completed in 2018, is designed to complement the assessment by the BCRPA, and provide community planners and stakeholders with:
  • The life-cycle costs of their facility in regards to upcoming changes to carbon taxation
  • The calculated energy usage intensity of participant’s recreation facilities
  • Provincial benchmarks for comparison of different facility types at different life-cycle stages, as defined by the BCRPA Facilities Assessment Study
Participation is easy and will provide strategic information to convert facilities in the most energy, cost, and time-efficient manner.
Once the survey is complete, confidential facility information will be provided to participants via a password-protected portal.


The Recreation Facilities Association of British Columbia (RFABC) has graciously volunteered their support and resources for the 2018 Recreation Facilities Energy Usage Study.  We will be collaborating our databases to promote the best outcomes for facilities.  RFA participation has brought a new significance to the study and will be used to expand our scope to serve as much of the province as possible.


If you manage a recreation project in your municipality or regional district, and would like your facility assessed as part of the study, contact AME Group today for access.
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