Energy Services are considerably different within engineering than how a building’s occupant might consider it. To tenants, energy services bring to mind utilities like heating, cooling, and lighting. But within engineering, Energy Services is a specialized field that includes strategies for improving a building’s energy efficiency, facility management, environmental compliance, and sustainable energy processes.

In our rapidly changing world, architects, various levels of government, industrial companies, developers, and construction firms are realizing the importance and necessity of buildings that adhere to green building standards. 

Any engineering firm with proven expertise in providing top-level energy services will continue to be in high demand. The AME Consulting Group Ltd. (AME Group) is well suited for implementing environmental building upgrades. 

Energy Services Influence How People Live

People’s decisions contribute to their global footprint, but ultimately, big corporations and infrastructure need to lead the way to help limit people’s environmental impact. 

An article on the World Economic Forum website in 2021 discusses the importance of decarbonizing buildings. The conventional way of thinking about mechanical heating and cooling systems needs to change.

“Buildings are a critical piece of our transition to a lower-carbon future. They are where we live, where we rest, and where we work – and they are responsible for about 40% of global energy consumption and about one-third of global greenhouse gas emissions.”

People everywhere are looking for more environmentally friendly ways to live. Green building practices and the rise of biophilic designs (where greenery and our connection to the natural environment are integrated into the structure) aren’t just about optics. People genuinely appreciate living in eco-friendly settings. 

Every engineering decision affects the comfort of owners, tenants, and employees in residential and commercial buildings. Everything from automated blinds to dual-fuel heat pumps and photovoltaic panels for domestic hot water pre-heating lends itself to people’s happiness indoors.  

Any company that can efficiently implement these systems is well-positioned for the future. 

The Government Favours Companies Providing Environmental Benefits 

Although Canada has made substantial environmental strides over the years, there is still much progress to be made. Action needs to be taken to deal with the looming threat of climate change. 

As posted on the Government of Canada website:

“Canada is committed to reducing its emissions by 40 to 45% below 2005 levels by 2030. And to achieving net-zero by 2050. This is exactly what science tells us we must do.” 

This urgency to improve emissions falls on the construction sector. The government remains heavily invested in green initiatives to stimulate job growth and improve the country’s environmental standing on the world stage. 

The number of financial incentives for companies looking to invest in energy-efficient buildings and retrofits continues to grow. And an engineering team well-versed in Energy Services can help offset a significant part of their client’s construction budget. 

Take a look at the programs and funding available through the federal government.  

Well-Executed Energy Services Contribute to a Company’s Bottom Line 

Nobody investing in a new build wants yesterday’s technology. Green technology isn’t just fashionable; it’s a cost-saving measure in the years ahead.  

As the cost of heating and cooling buildings continues to rise, implementing energy services to streamline outdated systems is imperative. 

Many companies who adopted energy-efficient systems early on are now discovering that their energy-efficient additions are paying for themselves much faster than anticipated. As weather conditions continue to be unpredictable, anything companies can do to reduce their energy spending is going to remain in demand. 

Better yet, the cost involved in thinking green continues to decrease. The price of solar photovoltaic (PV) components, once considered extravagant, has fallen considerably over the years to a much more reasonable expense. 

With an experienced Energy Services team guiding your design, those eco-friendly options and installations will outperform and outlast conventional systems. 

AME Group has the mechanical engineering expertise to advise on cost-efficient Energy Services in commercial or institutional structures of any size. 

Finding a Trusted Energy Services Provider in Western Canada 

When you consider that a new building being commissioned will be in use for (most likely) the next 50 years, you must factor in all the green initiatives at your disposal. 

As Engineers, we need to think of ways to improve the future by minimizing energy consumption today. Companies like the AME Group offer energy services that reduce energy wastage, greenhouse emissions, and their clients’ operational costs.  

Project owners everywhere will require guidance on reducing their direct (and indirect) emissions and decarbonizing their designs. 

As building mechanical consulting engineers, AME Group is one such engineering company poised to lead the charge. Contact the location nearest you (Victoria, Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, or Grand Prairie) for more information about our range of Energy Services. We’ll help you take advantage of all available incentives. Give us a call today to learn more.