Project Description

Grandview Heights Aquatic Complex

This facility provides a 10-lane, 50-metre competitive main pool with spectator seating, a leisure pool with various amenities, a water slide, sauna and steam rooms, adult and family hot pools, a dive tower, a fitness centre, and change facilities. The building’s scale and strong presence on a prominent corner are conceived as the first step in a larger vision of a denser and more urbanized building form for the area. This fast-tracked project achieved LEED certification for New Construction and Major Renovations.

The use of Autodesk Revit MEP provided opportunity and tools to the design team to coordinate between the various disciplines, surpassing what is practical in normal AutoCAD designs. Elements of the structural design were used for air distribution, thus reducing visible ductwork in the natatorium. Heat recovered from exhaust air streams is moved to areas of the system requiring heat via a pair of high efficiency, heat recovery chillers. Condensing boilers provide back-up heat.

As AME standard practice, a matrix approach was used to determine the best pool system configuration for the facility, resulting in liquid chlorine, regenerative media filters and ultraviolet (UV) reactors. The facility’s filtration system produces the highest water quality amongst current pool filtration options, while at the same time consuming less water and subsequently lowers operating costs.

UV light is used to destroy chloramines still dissolved in the pool water. Chloramines in the pool hall air are exhausted from the pool gutter drain – one of the lowest points in the pool system. Supply air is provided both at high level to wash the natatorium structure and windows, and at low level as displacement ventilation to provide effective make-up air for the gutter exhaust system.