Project Description

Langara College, Science & Technology Building

The new 5-storey Science and Technology Building at Vancouver’s Langara College is a 130,000 sq.ft. state-of-the-art post-secondary facility. The facility houses specialized biology, chemistry, physics, astronomy, nursing, kinesiology, and computer science labs as well as a lecture hall, multi-purpose classrooms, collaborative study spaces and offices, and the new Registrar and Enrolment Services office.

AME’s extensive mechanical consulting services for this technologically advanced facility include a new district energy system and housing boilers for the building’s heating systems, which AME will be extending to existing and new buildings in the future.

This large, complex, high-performance institutional building is targeting LEED Gold certification. With a focus on reduced energy consumption and water conservation, the sustainable strategies include a high performance building envelope, a low temperature (hydronic) heating system, heat recovery through laboratory exhaust, low-flow plumbing fixtures, and Thermenex. Thermenex is a pipe with a thermal gradient with control valves that functions as a hub for the efficient management of heat. It is a custom built thermal heat exchange piping and control system which redirects the building’s unwanted heat to where it is needed. Additional sustainable features include efficient lighting, daylight sensors and occupant responsive controls for both lighting and HVAC systems.