Project Description

North Saanich Middle School

North Saanich Middle School is a significantly upgraded replacement facility of the existing middle school located next door. The new 5,149m2 (31,700 sq.ft.) two-storey school achieved LEED Gold certification and serves as an environmental showcase of the practices it teaches.

Green design highlights include: passive design and construction such as abundant natural lighting, high thermal mass tilt-up walls, radiant floor, and natural ventilation through classroom operable windows and thermal chimneys. The mechanical heating/cooling plant includes heat pumps connected to a ground exchange loop beneath the play field with high-efficiency condensing boiler back-up. Solar collectors are employed for additional building heating, domestic hot water pre-heat, and field heat re-charge during the summer un-occupied months. Ventilation air heat recovery, demand control ventilation and displacement ventilation are other strategies used to reduce energy consumption.

Rain water is reclaimed for flushing of toilets and low-flow plumbing fixtures are installed throughout. Thermal modeling and energy modeling was conducted by AME Group to analyze the design of the thermal chimneys and determine annual energy use. Energy and water meters are installed to support energy management and continuous optimization.