Project Description

Oak Bay Beach Hotel

The Oak Bay Beach Hotel redevelopment project replaced what used to be the old Oak Bay Beach Hotel, a low-rise structure built in the early 20th century along Oak Bay’s eastern shoreline. Completed in 2012, the new building consists of three separate operations; a 100-room hotel, 14 upper floor condominium suites and a spa. The facility also includes a central lobby with retail, restaurant, bar and kitchen. To date this $52 million hotel development is the largest construction project in Oak Bay history.

The design of the new building separated the mechanical systems for each operation to minimize shared common costs to ensure condo owners are not covering the running costs for the hotel and spa facilities. Central water-to-water heat pumps provide chilled and hot water to the 4-pipe fan coil units serving the hotel suites. The spa has its own water-to-water heat pumps to provide heating to the outdoor pools while providing air conditioning to the fitness and treatment spaces.

A water feature at the rear of the hotel uses a natural aquifer uncovered during excavation which feeds a stream that meanders past garden suites to the beach where three heated pools are carved out of the rock. Those pools are heated by geo-caving energy pulled from the ground below the hotel using heat pumps.