Project Description

Poirier Sport and Leisure Complex Expansion

Coquitlam’s Porier Sport & Leisure Complex is a multi-purpose all-season fully integrated aquatic, ice and fitness facility that offers a variety of ice skating, aquatic, fitness and dry floor programs as well as drop-in classes. The existing spectator arena was extended and expanded. Modifications included seismic and code upgrades, replacement and extension of the ice slab, development of a new entry lobby, sports hall of fame, public amenity space, concessions and extensive site works adjacent to the building and surrounding lots.

The expanded complex boasts an 1,800-seat main arena, NHL-size rink with seating for 400, six ice sheets for curling (year-round ice) and three practice sheets, multi-purpose rooms, offices, server room and commercial kitchen. The expansion unifies the older renovated buildings and new additions to create a contemporary community resource and gathering space that feels brand new.

The building incorporates unique, practical and sustainable innovative features such as Thermenex; a pipe with a thermal gradient with control valves and functions as a hub for the efficient management of heat. This technology, which recycles and distributes energy from boilers and refrigeration equipment, minimizes the creation of heat and maximizes the re-use of thermal energy for both heating and cooling. Thermenex energy sharing greatly reduces energy use and greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs) at a lower cost than most other green technologies.

Additional sustainable features incorporated into this project include:

  • Ground-source thermal field stores excess energy
  • Occupancy sensors, motion detectors and automated lighting for maximized efficiency and security
  • Green seal products and low-emitting materials
  • New building includes recycled components from old structures

This project completed under budget and several months ahead of schedule.