Project Description

Quibble Creek District Energy Plant

The City of Surrey’s Quibble Creek Energy Plant will service developments in Surrey’s King George node. The City is constructing a hot water piping system to provide heating service to buildings in the City Centre.

The facility will house natural gas boilers and associated plant infrastructure on a site of approximately 1,200 m2 (13,000 sq.ft.) to provide a thermal energy distribution piping system to serve the City of Surrey’s District Energy Grid.

The City is also exploring the use of the Quibble Creek Plant site for a temporary boiler installation which would remain open during construction of the permanent Quibble Creek Plant.

AME’s primary scope of work on this project was to:

  • Assess different design and siting scenarios for the proposed permanent plant;
  • Assess the potential of also using the Quibble Creek Plant site for a temporary boiler plant or determine how to phase the permanent Quibble Creek Plant in a cost-effective manner; and
  • Develop a preliminary design based on the preferred scenario for the Plant (and potentially temporary boiler plant).