Project Description

Songhees Wellness Centre

This LEED Silver Certified, award-winning 3-storey recreation and wellness centre includes Band administrative offices, a health clinic area, food services, council chambers and a display space for important Band artifacts. The Wellness Centre also includes a full-size gymnasium with change rooms, a fitness centre and capacity to seat up to 300 people in the retractable seating and stage areas when hosting sports events. From a mechanical design perspective, AME’s primary strategy involved increasing energy and water performance through design measures such as solar hot water heating, natural ventilation strategies, heat recovery, storm water reuse and geothermal heat pumps. This strategy helped the Wellness Centre to achieve approximately 41 LEED points and complements a number of other sustainable features including: natural ventilation, radiant heating, rainwater harvesting, groundsource heat pumps, storm water reuse, and a solar thermal heating system.

The building’s natural ventilation design will provide improved indoor air quality and reduce the need for costly mechanical systems that require more space. Radiant heating is more efficient and, as a liquid, it has a higher energy density than air, enabling energy savings in transportation. A rainwater harvesting system was designed to create a renewable, sustainable and high quality water source. Groundsource heat pumps were designed, using the earth as a heat source during colder winter months and as a heat sink to cool the facility in the summer months. In addition, the storm water reuse system will help reduce water costs for the Wellness Centre.

A solar thermal water heating system will provide greater energy efficiency to heat the domestic water, allowing greater efficiency and environmental sustainability. Aerothermal heat pumps, designed to utilize heat recovered from the outside air, will compresses it to heat the water for the facility’s central heating system, resulting in a more efficient heating and cooling system year round.