Project Description

West Fraser Centre

Cariboo Regional District (CRD) had two arenas in Quesnel, one of which was beyond its life expectancy and could no longer meet the needs of the community. HDR|CEI Architecture was tasked with developing a scheme to design a brand new 60,000 sq.ft., 1,400-seat spectator facility while keeping both existing facilities fully operational until completion. To accomplish this, the building is sited adjacent to the existing Twin Arenas complex with a link added to connect each building.

AME was retained by HDR|CEI Architecture to complete the mechanical design for the facility, which features a single sheet of ice and support spaces. The mechanical design includes a heat pump system that interacts with the ice plant to either recover waste heat for heating the building or reject extra heat from the building system to provide cooling. This system serves all non-service spaces other than the change-rooms and flex spaces, which are served by a separate unit. The change rooms have demand control ventilation to provide odour removal, heating and ventilation to the space and are then purged each evening with 100% outside air. Both main systems are designed with heat pipes to provide exhaust air heat recovery.

To address when the plant is not running or the capacity available is less than the load required, back-up heat is provided as a second stage via a bank of wall-hung condensing boilers. Excess heat from the ice plant – after satisfying the building load – as well as heat rejected to the ice plant system during building cooling, is delivered to, and rejected by, a rooftop evaporative condenser. The arena bowl provides ventilation and dehumidification to the space through a rooftop desiccant dehumidifier. Gas-fired radiant heaters are installed strategically to provide localized heat. In summer, when the bowl is expected to be used for community events and tradeshows, large ceiling fans provide evaporative cooling utilizing outside air for free cooling.
The new West Fraser Centre is on schedule to complete in September 2017.