2221 Main Street Peaking Plant


City of Vancouver


District Energy


Mechanical Design




Vancouver, BC


AME was retained to provide Mechanical Consulting services for the City of Vancouver to design the 2221 Main Street Peaking Plant. The City required a design for a 5-6 MW peaking boiler plant for the False Creek Neighborhood Energy Utility (NEU) within a 22’ x 22.5’ space located in the parkade of a new development. The intent for the plant was to connect to the existing NEU and provide peaking/back up capacity.

AME work closely with the Owner’s Engineering team and the New Development Construction team to facilitate the design and construction. Three Viessmann, high efficiency condensing boilers at 1.7MW each were installed. AME provided a control system specification to integrate with the NEU existing control system (SCADA).

In addition to the NEU Peaking Plant design, AME provide the design for the 2221 Main Street Energy Transfer Station (ETS) to service the building the peaking plant was being housed in. The ETS design provided followed all guidelines for the NEU.