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The Calgary Chinese Cultural Centre, a cornerstone in the City Centre community, is situated at 197 1st Street SW, downtown Calgary. The establishment houses a variety of facilities including a restaurant, museum, underground parking, storage and mechanical rooms, gymnasium/auditorium, washrooms, retail stores, a main lobby, classrooms and offices, a library, and a senior lounge.

Recognizing the need for enhancements, both the City of Calgary and the Chinese Cultural Centre decided to upgrade the existing HVAC system and rooftop units due to significant temperature control issues within the building. Our scope of work included verifying all existing ductwork distribution and associated controls, as well as investigating the extensive temperature variations experienced within the Centre.

To meet the building’s load while respecting budget constraints, new air handling units were resized, ensuring most of the existing ductwork could be preserved. These were replaced with new high-efficiency gas-fired units equipped with free cooling.

The comprehensive HVAC system was re-calibrated to satisfy the heating and cooling loads in each space, and the building controls were upgraded. Additionally, a meticulous heating and cooling load calculation was conducted for all spaces during the design phase.