Dunbar Apartments (3595 West 17th Avenue)


DYS Architecture






Vancouver, BC


Project Details

This project was part of the Provincial Housing Initiative with BC Housing and Coast Mental Health to provide a combination of low-income housing and support services. Designed to LEED Gold standards, the building includes 47 self-contained studio residential units of about 350 sq.ft. in size plus four 510 sq.ft. wheelchair accessible units for people with disabilities or mental health issues living in Westside Vancouver.

Amenities include a kitchen, lounge, meeting rooms, offices and other spaces designed to assist the residents’ program and needs. The project also includes approximately 4,000 sq.ft. of ground-floor retail space owned by the City of Vancouver who, in turn, leases the commercial/retail units to retail business operators.

The building’s mechanical systems focus on energy efficiency and renewable energy. Features include a roof-mounted solar panel array used to preheat domestic hot water for use by the facility. Energy recovery strategies are used to recover heat from exhaust air, reducing the overall heating requirements for the ventilation system.