Fort Calgary Museum Renovation


Calgary Municipal Land Corporation


Nyhoff Architecture


Arts + Culture


Building Performance, Mechanical Design


2024 (est.)


Calgary, AB


Situated on the outskirts of Calgary’s East Village, Fort Calgary is a historical landmark sprawled over 40 acres. The site boasts an Interpretive Centre that was built in 1976 and a two-story Barrack erected in 2000. This project involves working within budget limits and collaborating with First Nation stakeholders.

The renovation plan includes revamping visitor services, the learning centre, galleries, theatre, staff offices, guest workroom, and RMP Veterans Association, as well as
preserving the site’s landscape. The primary objectives of this project are to create a more welcoming visitor space and enhance the Learning Centre to accommodate more programs and use additional spaces. AME’s scope includes the Mechanical Design and performing energy modelling for Building Performance services. The project incorporates high-efficiency dual-core ventilation heat recovery and Class A museum humidity control systems.

The project also aims to expand the Galleries and Theatre to make them larger and more adaptable, aligning with Calgary’s future vision for exhibit content and programming. This renovation is set to boost Fort Calgary Museum’s prestige, marketability, and status, transforming it into a vibrant cultural and historical resource by refreshing exhibits, content curriculum, and messaging.