Grey and glass window three story building

FortisBC – Victoria Area Regional Operations Centre


Industrial, Office Buildings






LEED Certified


  • In-floor radiant heating to distribute heat and cooling evenly throughout the building
  • Rooftop solar panels that provide solar domestic hot water
  • During the summer months the operable windows in the office building open automatically to provide additional cooling and passive ventilation.

Project Details

The 21,000 sq.ft. regional headquarters includes a 2-storey office and a 25-foot high single-storey warehouse building.

At the center of the building’s sustainable strategies is a geo-exchange loop system which includes a series of 200-foot deep vertical boreholes beneath the parking lot and a 30-ton water-to-water heat pump. This system provides heat in the winter and acts as a heat sink in the summer. A 98% efficient gas-fired boiler provides any additional heating loads required by the building.

A centrally located interactive dashboard in the main lobby displays the building’s energy consumption, including water consumption, energy used for ventilation, heating and cooling, equipment and plug loads, as well as the energy recovered from the ground and waste heat. This allows the building occupants and visitors to monitor the actual energy consumption and carbon footprint of the building.