Glenlyon Norfolk School Performing Arts Complex


Glenlyon Norfolk School


Garyali Architect Inc.


Arts + Culture, Education K-12


Mechanical Design




Victoria, BC


The Glenlyon-Norfolk School’s Pemberton Woods Campus, discreetly located in the surrounding residential neighbourhood, provides a quiet and picturesque home for the school’s 375-seat Performing Arts Theatre. The school required the project to include significant sustainability goals and a design that would respect the surrounding area.

The facility was also to include strategies to incorporate expansion of the mechanical systems to serve the future development of the campus facilities, as projected in the campus master planning study. The Performing Arts Centre includes the theatre, rehearsal, and stage properties spaces.

Our scope of work included the design of the plumbing, fire protection, HVAC, and control systems. The primary goals of the mechanical systems were audience and performer comfort, as well as exceptional acoustic performance. Highlights include:


      • Low velocity, displacement ventilation systems deliver air through supply diffusers located in the face of risers in the seating chamber.
      • High efficiency, air-cooled heat pumps provide heating and cooling. These are located on the adjacent existing building roof space; however operation is limited to daytime hours, to respect the neighbourhood acoustic concerns.
      • High efficiency, condensing natural gas boilers provide supplemental heating during nighttime operations and when outdoor conditions dictate.