Guildford Aquatic Centre Indoor Expansion


Revery Architecture & SHAPE Architecture


Recreation + Community




Surrey, BC


Project Details

The Guildford Aquatic Centre is an expansion of the existing Guildford Recreation Centre and comprises an 8-lane Olympic-sized swimming pool, springboard diving, a leisure pool with waterslide, lazy river and spray features, as well as a hot tub, children’s area, fitness and weight room.

Guildford’s design provides a two-prong approach to address concerns of chloramine presence. To reduce the concentration of chloramines in the pool water, UV light is used and performs as a secondary disinfectant since it reacts with and destroys chloramines still dissolved in the pool water. Chloramine concentration in the pool hall is reduced through air exhausted from the pool gutter drain. Being one of the lowest points in the pool system, this lends itself well to removing chloramines, which are heavier than air. Supply air is provided both at high and low level – high level ventilation washes the natatorium structure and windows; low level displacement ventilation provides effective make-up air for the gutter exhaust system.