Hornby Island Arts Council Art Gallery and Community Building


Hornby Island Arts Council (HIAC)


D’Arcy Jones Architecture


Arts + Culture


Mechanical Design


2024 (est.)


Hornby Island, BC


This project centers around the creation of a community space on Hornby Island, a remote 30-kilometre square island nestled in British Columbia’s Salish Sea. The goal is to give local residents and tourists a place to appreciate the local art and artists, a vision that the Hornby Island Arts Council has been dedicatedly fundraising towards for over two decades.

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The challenge was to design the space in a way that seamlessly blended with the local aesthetics, utilizing the scarce resources such as water, sewer, and power connections, but still offering a fully equipped, temperature controlled space featuring a commercial kitchen for hosting future events.

Upon completion, this project will stand among the few commercial buildings on the island, setting a precedent. It needed to comply with the Hornby Local Trust Committee guidelines, which included the implementation of sustainable rainwater harvesting practices