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The Joyce SkyTrain Station, located in Vancouver, Canada, underwent a significant renovation and upgrade. The project was a part of TransLink’s vision to improve the overall ridership experience, accommodate growing demand, address capacity issues, meet accessibility standards, and better integrate the bus exchange, including a new HandyDART bus shelter, and the BC Parkway cycling and pedestrian path.

This ambitious project was carried out in multiple phases, each focusing on different aspects of the station. The upgrades included an expansion of the existing platform, the installation of new escalators and elevators, a revamped ticketing area, a refreshed concourse area, ancillary rooms (such as EER and ACER), crew rooms, and bike storage facilities.

One of the most notable additions to the station is a new public station house and plaza that serves as a waiting area for the bus loop. This new space also provides room for potential future commercial retail units.

AME’s provided all the necessary mechanical consulting services – HVAC, plumbing, fire suppression, and controls – required for the upgrade to Joyce-Collingwood Skytrain Station. These upgrades were not only essential for the station itself but also facilitated its integration with the bus exchange and the surrounding community