Metrotown Skytrain Station Upgrades




Perkins Eastman


Aviation + Transportation


Mechanical Design


June 2018


Burnaby, BC


The Metrotown Station, a bustling hub in Lower Mainland since 1986, underwent an extensive renovation and upgrade as part of TransLink’s mission to accommodate growing demand, address capacity issues, enhance vertical circulation, meet accessibility standards, and elevate the overall passenger experience.

The overhaul of the Metrotown Station is the most expansive station update in the history of TransLink. The enhancements were executed in several stages, which included reconfiguring the east entrance, constructing new central and west head houses, upgrading ancillary spaces and buildings, establishing new bus stop locations, and developing a bus exchange area complete with bus shelters, among other improvements.

AME was responsible for the mechanical aspects of the project. Our role encompassed the design and construction administration services for the HVAC, plumbing, and fire suppression systems for the station upgrades. This involved the ancillary building, new elevators, escalators, crew and public washrooms, crew room, bike storage area, service provisions for a commercial retail unit, and the integration of the new bus shelters design. This also included the incorporation of a new canopy rainwater leader system into the existing storm drainage system.