Okanagan College Jim Pattison Centre of Excellence


CEI Architecture Planning Interiors


Education Post Secondary




Penticton, BC


Project Details

The project uses sustainable design and construction methods and serves as a teaching tool at the school by highlighting the passive and active building systems for the occupants. The new facility includes classrooms, trade shops, a student pavilion, kinetics, business development space, a kitchen, gym and fitness area.

The 2-storey, 76,230 sq.ft. building includes a photovoltaic array, solar hot water, natural ventilation using solar chimneys, mechanical ventilation air heat recovery, displacement mechanical ventilation, ground-source heat with radiant floor and wall heating and ground water free-cooling. Extensive thermal comfort modeling and energy modelling was conducted by AME Group to ensure occupant comfort as well as confirming Net Zero Energy consumption targets.

Carbon emissions impact was evaluated throughout the design as well as the ability to achieve Net Zero Energy consumption as part of the Living Building Challenge.