Poirier Sport and Leisure Complex Expansion


HDR|CEI Architecture


Recreation + Community




Coquitlam, BC


Project Details

Coquitlam’s Poirier Sport & Leisure Complex is a multi-purpose all-season fully integrated aquatic, ice and fitness facility that offers a variety of ice skating, aquatic, fitness and dry floor programs as well as drop-in classes. The existing spectator arena was extended and expanded. Modifications included seismic and code upgrades, replacement and extension of the ice slab, development of a new entry lobby, sports hall of fame, public amenity space, concessions and extensive site works adjacent to the building and surrounding lots.

The building incorporates unique, practical and sustainable innovative features such as Thermenex; a pipe with a thermal gradient with control valves and functions as a hub for the efficient management of heat. This technology, which recycles and distributes energy from boilers and refrigeration equipment, minimizes the creation of heat and maximizes the re-use of thermal energy for both heating and cooling. Thermenex energy sharing greatly reduces energy use and greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs) at a lower cost than most other green technologies.