Grey concrete stairway leading to wood wall details and skylight

UBC AMS Student Union Building


Education, Mixed Use Development






LEED Platinum Certified


  • 5 Story Mixed Use Development
  • High performance Envelope that Utilizes Heat Recovery
  • Occupant Responsive Controls
  • On-site Water Treatment
  • Natural Ventilation

Project Details

UBC’s AMS Student Union Building provides a unique gathering place for students to interact and grow a vibrant student community.

AME completed a BC Hydro Energy Study using VE Modelling software to illustrate proposed savings of sustainable mechanical systems compared to standard mechanical systems. Our firm also designed alternative passive energy sources which assisted the building in achieving its LEED Platinum certification by harnessing energy from renewable sources and designing a high-performance envelope that utilizes heat recovery. Additional sustainable features include; efficient lighting, daylight harvesting, natural ventilation, harvesting solar energy, and occupant responsive controls. Sustainable water sources are achieved by utilizing rainwater in plumbing systems by providing on-site water treatment for rainwater.