UBC Hospital Thermal Energy Supply


Lower Mainland Facilities Management




District Energy, Healthcare




Vancouver, BC


Project Details

The UBC Hospital’s Koerner Pavilion, Detwiller Pavilion, and Purdy Pavilion have all undergone upgrades to their thermal energy supply systems. Originally, the Koerner Pavilion relied on three gas-fired boilers for space heating and hot water, which were supplemented by two hydronic condensing boilers to increase capacity and efficiency. This allowed the Purdy and Detwiller pavilions to also utilize this heating system. Steam, previously supplied by campus steam, was replaced with a steam boiler plant in the Koerner Penthouse, which uses no chemical water treatment due to its water treatment technology.

Both the Detwiller and Purdy Pavilions used to rely on steam-to-hot water converters connected to campus steam for space heating and domestic hot water. Humidification, previously provided by campus steam, was disabled as it was deemed unnecessary. The upgraded system now uses water-to-water converters for both heating and hot water. In the Purdy Pavilion, kitchen equipment that was originally connected to campus steam was replaced with equipment that generates its own steam using electricity.