UBCO Arts + Science Building – Vivarium


UBC Properties Trust


Kasian Architecture


Education Post Secondary, Science + Technology


Mechanical Design




Kelowna, BC


This multi-purpose academic and research facility houses classrooms, research and teaching labs, offices, student commons, lecture theatres, and an animal care facility. It embodies the values of UBC Okanagan’s Academic Plan in its response to place, community and connectivity within an adaptive, flexible and sustainable centre for innovation.

AME completed the Mechanical Engineering for the fit-out of one of the floorplates of the building dedicated to animal research. A significant aspect of this project is that it involves tackling one the of most energy intensive types of building: laboratories/educational facilities.

The Vivarium area design focuses on occupant safety and preserving the research environment to meet the strict regulatory requirements in place for facilities such as this. This animal research facility contains several dedicated areas or zones requiring strict environmental controls such as air change rates as well as temperature and humidity tolerances. Equipment sterilization facilities are also included within the space. A high level of controls system monitoring and integration for tracking environmental conditions is also used to demonstrate compliance with regulatory bodies.