Who We Are

Our Story

The AME Consulting Group Ltd. (AME) is a client-focused, collaborative consulting firm with a team of dedicated professionals. Our projects not only create spaces for today but reflect our purpose to our future generations.

Established in 2005, we have expanded our presence across Western Canada with multiple offices and a dedicated team of over 170 employees. Our offices operate seamlessly together, fostering a culture of knowledge sharing, expertise exchange, and resource utilization.

Our team’s collective efforts have been the driving force behind our continued growth. We combine our depth of professional and technical expertise with our range of services to provide an enhanced and holistic approach to all projects.


 We are proud to have a Just Label from the International Living Future Institute. This label signifies our commitment to social justice and equality, both within our organization and in our local communities.

At AME Group, we believe that it is not enough to simply make promises – we must actively follow through on them.  Check out our Just Label to see the progress we have made.

Building Legacy

AME builds legacy by making a lasting impact on the building industry; thinking outside the box and challenging ourselves to create sustainable designs that result in a better future.

Our Values

We bring a solid foundation of experience working together as a team, while sharing AME’s common philosophy of Building Legacy by exemplifying our company values.


We are connected not only within our teams, but we maintain a connection to the industries and clients that we serve.


We are dedicated to AME, our projects, clients, and colleagues – everyone wins.


We trust by focusing on transparent and collaborative client relationships, by doing what’s right and not what’s easiest.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Why is Corporate Social Responsibility important? At AME, social responsibility feeds into our values that we hold true in everything we do. Our commitments to our community, the environment and to each other as human beings helps to build a better world around us.


Our shared response to the Global Climate Emergency will define the legacy we leave for future generations. As Engineers we acknowledge that we have a responsibility to play a central role in transforming the built environment towards a low-carbon and resilient future.


At AME, we have committed to the principles of the Engineer’s Declare Canada movement (ca.engineersdeclare.com/) for both the solutions we develop for our clients and our own operations and supply chains. Adopting regenerative design principles to support the goal of a net zero economy.


Our commitments include:

  • Advocating for rapid systemic changes within our industry to address the climate emergency.
  • Evaluating all projects for low-carbon solutions and encouraging our clients to adopt this approach.
  • Designing for holistic health, resilience and generation; and respecting the rights and wisdom of Indigenous Peoples.
  • Minimizing embodied and operational carbon.
  • Extending the sharing of knowledge and research throughout our industry.


At AME we believe that through continuously striving to foster a work culture that celebrates diversity, champions equity, and promotes inclusion, we can create an environment where all staff feel comfortable bringing their authentic selves to their daily work and the communities in which they serve.


Celebrating diversity, equity, and inclusion isn’t a goal to be achieved but rather an ongoing conversation that we can always continue to improve upon. By making that conversation a key component of AME’s culture, we make it a focus not only in our workplace but in how we work with our partners, stakeholders, and the communities in which AME takes pride to be welcomed into.


We believe that our AME collective of diverse cultural backgrounds, physical abilities, world views, sexual orientations, gender identities, and life experiences builds a strong, multifaceted team better able to reflect
and understand any community or group we have the pleasure of working with, and allows all of us to achieve our goal of Building Legacy.


At AME giving back to our community doesn’t just mean designing mechanical systems, we take pride in giving back to the communities we work in as well.


We launched back in 2019 two initiatives to better help us give back. The first being Volunteer with AME where employees volunteer with different organizations to help those in need. The second is AME gives back where employees can participate in charitable events and AME will match donations raised.


Since 2019 AME has matched $25,000 in donations so far with many more coming in the future. You can follow these initiatives on our social feeds here:


ḴEL,ḴELOŦEN ȻE S,ISTEW̱ will bring more Indigenous voices into architecture and building design, imbuing these industries with Indigenous values, perspectives and ways of knowing, being and doing.

There are very few Indigenous professionals working in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) in Canada. Many engineering and architecture firms work with Indigenous communities, but few have Indigenous people working within their organizations. Our partners recognize this and want to help Indigenous people pursue careers in our industry. The fund will provide both financial support and career mentorship.

AME collaborated with friends and colleagues in the construction industry to setup a fund to support our Indigenous, First Nations, Inuit and Metis friends that are looking to have a career in architecture or engineering

If like our partners, you recognize this and want to help Indigenous people pursue careers in our industry; head to the website for more details.